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Dow launches two new fluorosilicone rubber products

Dow launches two new fluorosilicone rubber products
In August 2018, Dow High Performance Silicones in China released two new fluorosilicone rubbers to meet the competitive needs of handling, high temperature and fluid resistance.

It is reported that Dow’s Silastic LS-4940 and Silastic LS-4960 fluorosilicone rubber are specially designed for calendering and extrusion of turbocharger hoses. They are also suitable for other molded rubbers that are exposed to high temperature or corrosive liquids or fuel oils. component. The China manufacturer IKSONIC’s products made from fluorosilicone rubber have good tensile, elongation and tear resistance properties, as well as low compression set, good thermal stability and high fuel resistance. In addition, this fluorosilicone rubber product has low viscosity and is easy to handle during unwinding and sanding. According to Dow, these two new products are the best choice for demanding automotive hood applications.