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DuPont Kalrez perfluoro rubber Advantages

Reasons for choosing DuPont Kalrez perfluoro rubber

IKSONIC supplies DuPont Kalrez ® products to provide customers with the highest-end Kalrez ® perfluoroelastomer products, and provides fast delivery and timely after-sales service of Kalrez ® products based on a global distribution network.
Kalrez ® perfluoroelastomer is the world’s first perfluoroether rubber developed by DuPont in 1968. In addition to the excellent chemical resistance of Teflon, this product is also a revolutionary product with rubber elasticity, excellent heat resistance and cleanliness.

Advantages of Kalrez high efficiency sealing materials
Broad spectrum chemical resistance
It can easily handle 1500 chemical reagents including: ether, ketone, fat, benzene and chloride solvents, oxidants, greases, fuels, acids and alkaline substances.
Outstanding thermal stability:
Performance, temperature resistance up to 327 degrees
Excellent continuous sealing capability
Reliable and durable

Advantages of Kalrez in addition to chemical resistance
If the ability to withstand 1,500 strong chemicals is not enough to be the reason for choosing kalrez, the following advantages are sufficient to justify the choice of kalrez:
1, kalrez sealing parts have excellent temperature resistance, up to 327 degrees, better than other commercial synthetic rubber.
2, kalrez sealing parts are rubber elastomers, not hard, unlike general engineering plastics, and easy to install, adaptable to rough surfaces.
3, kalrez sealing parts are diverse, in addition to the round standard specifications, special styles and fine tolerances can be customized. If necessary, it can be formed together with metal parts.
4, kalrez parts have homogeneity, the surface of which has no problems of penetration, cracking, hardening and corrosion.
5, kalrez seal, unlike the special compression force required for metal seals. In the use of dynamic sealing, it is more effective than metal.
6, kalrez parts have a good compression recovery rate and anti-warping characteristics. Unlike general sealing materials, kalrez does not need to increase the space for similar adjustments.
7, kalrez parts and other rubber products, chemicals and filler materials, can withstand greater pressure.
8, kalrez parts have low outgassing and solubility, while the physical properties are in line with the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.