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Oil Pipe Line Fitting


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oil pipe line fitting pipeline insulators factory Iksonic china manufacturer

Pipeline casing spacer/ pipeline insulators factory Iksonic china manufacturer as oil pipe line fitting

pipe end caps oil pipe line fitting pipeline insulators factory Iksonic china manufacturer

pipe end caps,  oil pipe line fitting,  Plastic pipeline insulators factory Iksonic china manufacturer.

Oil Pipe Line Fitting

For security reasons, the operator of the oil pipe line are installed in the casing sleeve is under local road, rail or river laying. Importantly, the annular space is kept dry, in order to reduce the risk of corrosion.

for the oil pipe line fitting, our various types of seals constitute a new installation or retrofit a safe, clean, economical solutions.

Casing end seals quickly and easily installed. They pulled over the outer edge of the casing and transport tube and held in place by a stainless steel band and fixtures.

Please inquire us if you need any custom designed oil pipe line fitting.


We offer the gas oil pipeline fitting, Custom Made to Order.

oil pipeline fitting is for Quick and Easy Installation.

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