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Joint GAMMA Ring Type 9RB RE1 pump seal
SES Oil Seal RE RB RE1 Seal 9RB Rubber Seal motor shaft seal

Motor end cap oil seal and bearing chamber trim repair

If the end cap bearing is damaged or improperly assembled, it will cause the end cap oil seal to wear. (

, too. )When the oil seal is slightly damaged, such as burrs on the end face, the lower oil groove is slightly worn, the burr can be removed by a trowel, and the oil sump can be repaired. If the oil seal is severely worn, it is usually solved by inserting. The front end bearing chamber of the ZQ-76 type motor will be described as an example.
The oil seal is damaged, and the size of the oil damage is indeed damaged in the lathe, and then a sleeve is made of 45 steel.
Preheat the end cap to about 200 ° C and insert the turned sleeve into the hole. Finally, according to the original drawing (the size when not worn), the size of the oil tank and the required new oil tank
End cover bearing chamber repair
The bearing is damaged and the bearing chamber is damaged, which affects the normal operation of the motor. Usually, the unit of repairing is to adopt the method of inlay repair. The method is described below by taking a front end cover of a motor as an example.

motor end cap oil seal gamma seal
In the case of wear of the end cap bearing chamber, in order to insert the sleeve, the wear part is lighted, the inner hole of the car is out of the insert, and the steel sleeve is made of 45 steel steel for use.
First, the end cap bearing chamber is preheated to about 200 ° C, and then the steel sleeve is inserted into the bearing chamber. Finally, the inner hole is machined according to the requirements of the bearing outer ring and the bearing chamber.
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