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HRC Type Coupling Rubber Elastomer

HRC TYPE Coupling Rubber Elastomer

HRC – Coupling & Coupling Spare

IKSonic HRC Coupling Permits quick and easy installation by bushes, and offers quick alignment, the semi-elastic general purpose HRC coupling is ideal for use with electric motors.

Offers the simplest, most straightforward fitting available
Ease of alignment and fitting using straight edge and machined outside diameters
Fail-safe design due to interacting dog design
Accommodates incidental misalignment
Exceptional performance at low cost
Power ratings are matched to standard motor sizes
Standard and FRAS elements available
Flywheel fixing variant available
Pilot bore design also available

IKSONIC HRC 230 TYPE Coupling elastomer and custom the Non-standard rubber parts for HRC couplings

HRC TYPE Coupling Rubber Elastomer

Material: chlorosulfonated ethylene (CSM) and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) blended high intensity rubber (NBR better than)

Material Features: wear-resistant, heat-resistant, oil resistant, acid-resistant,

Iksonic manfuacture the best HRC TYPE Coupling Rubber Elastomer.

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Various types of couplings rubber elastomer models are as follows:
MT rubber coupling (MT1-MT13),
GR rubber coupling (GR19-GR125),
GS rubber coupling (GS9-GS75),
T Hexagon back wheel coupling (hexagonal elasticity pad T70 ~ 210).,
the fluid coupling (YOX),
L-type claw coupling hexagonal coupling (L35-L225),
H-type elastic block (H80-H350),
NM couplings elastomer (NM50 -NM214).
HRC Coupling elastomer (HRC60-HRC280).
Gear Sleeve Rubber Coupling Elastomer cushion (gear 4J-10J).
NL inner tooth gear coupling sleeve (NL1-NL10).
Oldham and non-standard high strength Spider rubber coupling. 
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Please inquire us if you need Rubber Coupling Elastomer and other types couplings inserts.
IKSONIC HRC coupling factory hrc flexible coupling

HRC – Coupling & Coupling Spare
HRC Couplings is also known as Taper Bushed Rubber Couplings. They are designed for use particularly on machinery driven from standard IEC electric motors.

Easy installation and maintenance free
Convenient maintenance
The electrometric element allows HRC to be suitable for use in most conditions

Brewing machinery, blowers, compressors, conveyors, sewage disposal equipment, mill machinery, crushers and shakers

Coupling Spares:
Available in Rubber

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