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Speed Bumps

Rubber Speed Bump length of 183cm

Traffic safety rubber Speed bump is based on the vehicle traveling in actual contact with the ground tire angle design principle, with imports of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber surface, the inner layer made of nylon line cord mixing, so that the product solid and practical, durable pressure.
Rubber Speed bumps shock absorption, excellent resistance to stress, long life, less wear and tear on the car, slow down effect is significant, low noise and no discomfort, the color is eye-catching yellow and black and white, color clear, both in the day or night a high degree of visibility, to attract drivers‘ attention, successful deceleration.
Traffic safety is a new purpose-built facilities.
Installation location: mainly used for urban intersection, highway crossings, toll lanes, community gardens, parking lots, garages, gas stations and other entrances, downhill on the ground and other places.
According to the actual requirements, fast and flexible portfolio, easy to install.
Rubber Speed bump, also known as speed brakes, the deceleration zone, slow down the ridge, buffer strips, speed humps, deceleration pad, slow road humps.

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