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Manufacture, process and supply rubber, plastic, and insulation products

Seals for Construction Machinery

Iksonic manufacture and supply the Seals for Construction Machinery

IKSONIC offer the seal parts Main: Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Sumitomo, Kobelco, Mitsubishi, Hyundai SEM, XCMG, Long workers, Liugong, Ha workers, temporary workers, Fukuda, German workers, Jin workers and other major host Factory loader full range of accessories,

including Weichai WD615 engine assembly, engine assembly Yuchai 6108, Weichai Deutz TD226B engines and accessories, Hang teeth forward BS428 gearbox assembly, SEM 50 fixed-shaft gearbox, Xu tooth gearbox, dual variable and accessories, Shantui 315X.315S-2, Tianjin heyday 31502E torque converter assembly and accessories, Meritor drive axle, drive axle Feicheng cloud Yu, Xiamen Engineering 932 Ha gear axle assembly, mountain Workers homemade bridge parts, Henan Fengshen tire, triangle tires, tire chains, protection chain, brakes, brake calipers, brake pads, differential, main gear assembly, cross-axis, the fan belt, electrical tape, thermostat, water, bucket, shovel teeth, blades, complex blade plate, pin, pin sets, front frame, rear frame, fuel tank, oil seals, cab, door glass, air conditioning, light microscopy, high pressure tubing, clutch assembly, oil-water separators, air brake valves, pilot valves, Carter valve, multi-valve, gear pumps, aluminum wheels, gears, muffler, air filter assembly, air filter, filter, diesel filter, bearing pad pieces, screws, glue, friction and other loaders wearing parts.

Engine parts: cylinder components (pistons, piston rings, cylinder, piston pins, retainer, copper rod sets), the size of tile, overhaul package intake and exhaust valves, crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder and engine assembly
Filters: American Fleetguard, Donaldson, Komatsu, Carter, etc.
Seal: NOK repair kits
Turbocharger: Mitsubishi, Holset, Cummins
Hydraulic parts: Kawasaki, Dongming, etc.
Gear parts: import rotation, walking gear box gear Japanese production of automatic refueling dig electromechanical devices motors, solenoid valves, angle sensors, pressure sensors, relief valves, pumps and so on.