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HBY seal Excavator PU seal of HBY Buffer seal

HBY Seal

HBY Seal PU Seal ring for Excavator HBY Buffer seal


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HBY seal cushion ring seal

HBY ring is a high performance cushion seal, it can cushion ordinary PTFE seal groove dimensions are interchangeable.

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HBY seal with a polyurethane material for the valve action, to avoid excessive pressure between the buffer ring and rod seals.
Installation POM stalls circle, and in shock load under pressure to provide maximum anti-extrusion force.
1. To prevent internal pressure seal
2. Can ordinary PTFE cushion seal groove dimensions swap
3. easy to install
4. Long service life
5. utilize a wide temperature range
HBY seal buffer ring is composed of a soft beige polyurethane seal ring and an added rigid heel black PA anti-extrusion ring composed of two parts.
This product is used in combination with the rod seal to absorb shocks and fluctuations in pressure under high load, high temperature liquid isolation, improve the durability of the seal.
HBY buffer ring Specifications:

Technical data:
Speed; 0.03 ~ 1.0m / sec
Temperature; -35 ° c ~ + 110 ° c
Pressure; 400bar
Material Polyurethane + POM stalls circle

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