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Thermoplastic Seals

The new method of making a thermoplastic elastomer sealing material

Thermoplastic elastomers, TPE or referred to TPR. It is elastic at room temperature with a rubber elastomer having a plastics molding at high temperatures.
The structural characteristics of the thermoplastic elastomer composition is chemically different segments and rubber resin section, the resin section is formed with a physical force chain between crosslinking points, segments are highly elastic rubber segment, the elastic contribution.
Physical crosslinking plastics segment changes with temperature changes were reversible, showing the plastic processing properties of thermoplastic elastomers.
Therefore, physical and mechanical properties of the thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic processing technology performance of vulcanized rubber is a new type of polymer material between the rubber and the resin and is commonly known as the third generation of rubber.

IKSonic can manufacture the
thermoplastic seals elastomer for high quality sealing material as a raw material.
In important industries automotive, appliance, construction, etc., seal products is an important component parts, such as car window and window frame sealing between the joint seals between different materials home appliances, windows and doors of the building also, or seal, etc. .
Now the market of seal products used mainly in PVC, TPV, EPDM-based, but the environmental aspects of these products, processing technology and energy consumption have become very less, living space is small, does not meet the community for environmental protection and sustainable development Claim.
The presence of the following conventional sealing material shortcomings
a, PVC sealing strip is not environmentally friendly, the process is harmful to health, poor low temperature resistance;
b, EPDM seals coloring difficult, complex manufacturing processes, can not be recycled;
c, PVC + NBR seal machining process is complicated and not environmentally friendly;
d, TPV Thermoplastic Seals process difficult to control high energy consumption;
e, TPU Thermoplastic seals susceptible to hydrolysis, poor flexibility, hardness narrow range;
f, silicone rubber seal process is complicated and costly. Further, by the above-mentioned drawbacks the material itself can be expected, these materials have limitations products produced for use, especially in high compression permanent deformation requirements in the field, more short life, such as doors and windows sealed material required to achieve the geometry, dimensions accuracy, surface finish, supple touch all achieve a certain effect, good or bad with the edge of the extrusion itself mobility, thermal stability, lubricity, melt strength is very connected, so choose new materials and formulations, is The key to solving the problem.