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Santoprene TPE products seal o ring and parts

TPE Santoprene Seal

American Brand TPE Santoprene Seal o ring for sports equipment

Processing: Injection TPE / American Santoprene / 7705-50, extrusion, etc.
Uses: seals, auto parts, handles, and other gear.
Product performance: a good shock absorption, compression resistance, electrical insulation, steel and so on.

Brief introduction

Thermoplastic elastomer TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of rubber high elasticity, high strength, high elasticity, but also has the characteristics of injection molding material. Environmentally friendly non-toxic safe, wide range of hardness, has excellent coloring, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, excellent processing performance, not curing, can be recycled to reduce costs, both second injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other adhesive coated substrate material may be formed separately.

1. Generally available thermoplastic molding machining, does not require special processing equipment.
2. The substantial increase in production efficiency. Directly vulcanized rubber injection molding machine, time from about 20min, reduced to less than 1min; need curing time is very short, and therefore already available extruder direct vulcanization, a substantial increase in production efficiency.
3. easy to recycle and reduce costs. Waste generated in the production process (escape flash, out of waste plastic) and eventually scrap can be directly reused return; used TPE old products can be easily regenerated after recycling, reduce environmental pollution, expanding sources of renewable resources.
4. energy saving. The thermoplastic elastomer is not required or sulfurized mostly very short time, can effectively save energy. High pressure hose production energy as an example: rubber 188MJ / kg, TPE is 144MJ / kg, can save up to 25%.
5. wider application areas. TPE combines the advantages of rubber and plastic, rubber industry has opened up new fields of application.
6. Can be used to enhance, toughening modified plastics. Since the reinforcement, the formula simplifies, with the agent on the polymer influence the constraints small, the quality of performance easier to grasp. But TPE heat resistance than rubber, as the temperature rises and properties decreased greatly, and thus the scope is limited. At the same time, deformation, elastic recovery and durability equivalent to rubber compared to the poor, the prices are often higher than similar rubber. Nevertheless, the advantages of TPE is still very prominent, a variety of new TPE products are constantly developed. As an energy saving of rubber new materials, the development is very promising.

Transparent Series (transparency series) TPE Santoprene Seal o ring
Applications: Common transparent toys, sports equipment and so on.
Product performance: better transparency, flexibility and relatively low price, with a broad design space.
Transparent Series (transparency series) Application: high-end, high transparency toys, adult products, suction cup materials, sports equipment and a ring.
Product performance: wide range of hardness, from super soft to 90A. Excellent transparency, gloss, and comfortable feel, is widely used in adult products. It has good resistance to UV, weathering resistance, high temperature, long used outdoors.
Thermoplastic elastomers with both thermoplastic processing performance, but also has the physical properties of vulcanized rubber, can be described as a combination of plastic and rubber advantages advantages. Thermoplastic elastomers are wantonly originally occupied territory belongs to the vulcanized rubber.
TPE (Tetraphenylene) is a classic AIE (Aggregation Induced Emission AIE) molecules, ie no fluorescence in solution, but solid, but there is a strong fluorescence quencher molecule with traditional gathering is just the opposite, so organic optoelectronic materials and other areas have important applications, more and more of a cause for concern.

Forming Notes

TPE Santoprene Seal o ring injection molding defect analysis and solution:

Thermoplastic elastomer molding defect analysis undesirable phenomena may cause Action No. NOTE:

1 finished the mold variant 1, the cooling time is too short, the finished product could not cooling enough; 1, to extend the cooling time; 2, open mode too fast, strong pull variant; 2, slow speed mold; 3, finished construction defects; 3, modify the mold; 4, mold temperature is too high, finished cooling is not in place. 4, lower mold temperature.

2 1 finished the mold breakable material temperature is too low or the mold temperature is too low; 1, raise the barrel temperature and mold temperature; 2, stripping slope is not enough or the top of the top of the improper manner; 2, modify the mold; 3, 3 small gate, modify mold; 4, draft angles less than 4, modify mold.

3 emission lines have finished the mold 1, speed too fast, can not be instantaneous exhaust air cavity; 1, lower rate of fire, so that the smooth discharge of air cavity; 2, the raw material containing water; 2, drying material; 3 , the molding temperature is too high, threshing by pyrolysis; 3, reduced molding temperature; 4, air entering the cylinder. 4, lower feed pipe after stage temperature, increasing the pressure.

4 finished after the mold has a flash 1, the pressure is too great, the parting force is greater than the clamping force, forcing the start mode; 1, reduce the pressure, flying about mold clamping force increases; 2, injection pressure and holding pressure is too large; 2 reduce the injection pressure and holding pressure; 3, shooting through the fast, high-temperature materials; 3, lower rate of fire and melt temperature; 4, mold vent clogging. 4, clean up the mold.

5 products filling less than 1, less injection pressure, speed is too slow or die with debris; 1, increased injection pressure, increase the rate of fire and clean up the die nozzle; 2, the molding temperature is too low, the gate runner too small; 2, to improve the molding temperature, modify the flow channel; 3, the cavity air can not be completely discharged; 3, addition or increase the vent; 4, injection time is too short, insufficient amount of radiation. 4, to extend the injection time, increasing injection volume.

6 products are combined with line 1, less injection pressure, speed is too slow, too small gate and runner; an increase injection pressure, speed, modify the gate runner; the other: nozzle temperature low, long molding cycle, color Titanium mother too much, poor dispersion of masterbatch which is one of the reasons. 2, the molding temperature and the mold temperature is too low; 2, to improve the molding temperature and mold temperature, increase back pressure or acceleration screw speed; 3, poor or no exhaust junction point overflow pool (cold well); 3, confluent portion increasing the overflow tank vent or increase; 4, the use of excessive release agent. 4, to reduce the amount of the release agent.

7 products gloss poor one, speed is too slow, too low injection pressure, mold temperature is low; 1, to improve injection pressure, speed, mold temperature; 2, the cavity has a moisture or oil pollution; 2, wipe clean ; 3, the mold surface grinding gate and runner poor or too small; 3, modification mold; 4, insufficient injection volume or raw materials contain moisture. 4, firing rate increase injection pressure, injection time and extend the drying material.

8 article surface rhyolite 1, injection pressure is too high or too low, speed too fast or too slow; 1 can adjust the injection pressure or the rate of fire; 2, holding time is too short or too small gate; 2, increasing the dwell time or change big gate; 3, mold temperature and gate temperature is too low; 3, mold and gate temperature increase; 4, the molten material is poor. 4, raising the temperature, back pressure or speed screw speed.

9 out of the finished surface roughness 1, the molding temperature is low; 1, raising the temperature, back pressure and screw speed; 2, mold temperature is too low; 2, mold temperature;

10 product surface into a massive phenomenon 1, the feed tube is not clean or debris; 1, re-clean up the feed tube; 2, masterbatch or additives such as carrier did not seek; 2, find the corresponding masterbatch;

11 after the mold bulging article 1, the die temperature is too low, or excessive screw speed; 1, increase die temperature, screw speed reduced; 2, stripper too. 2. Adjust the stripper unit.

Extrusion amount of gas generated when the 12 1, the overall temperature is too high; 2, the inner tube with debris.

13 products have a shrinkage of a raw material containing water; 2, melt temperature is too high, screw speed too fast