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Feedback From Customers

IKSONIC Order Assessments and Feedback From Past Customers

IKSONIC Guarantee And Warranty
Do you have any references of past customers in the USA/Germany/Middle East that have used your services?
How do we know that what we receive is going to be with good quality and in working status?
Do you have a Guarantee or warranty? Any Testimonials from past clients?
These are the standard question our client always ask. We understand that it needs time to build the trust between two businessman for first business.

So we have collected some comments not only good but reliable and true story from our customer for your reference.
Hope it will help you reduce worry and go directly with order to save your time.

Our customer “E” paid the money for 30 pcs big silicone conveyor belts. As this is the repeat customer, they paid soon after getting the price.

trusted IKSONIC Order Assessments scam feedback Customers

Positive Feedback:

Our customer “angie” paid for one small order: 250 meters silicone rubber cord with diameter 14 mm.

We do serve every customer with the same patience even if the order is very small.

positive feedback China IKSONIC Factory bank account

This is the bank slip from one repeat customer, our customer send the USD money to our export agent company.

This export agent company deal with the USD bank wire transfer payment and export.

trusted China factory bank slip big USD amount to IKSONIC scam export bank account

From the upon pictures, you could find that we are the real manufacturer with good quality.

Please just send one inquiry on this webpage or email us.

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Skype: wingxsonic
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